Five 5-minute Dessert Recipes for Sweet Cravings

Five 5-minute Dessert Recipes for Sweet Cravings

After a tasty lunch or dinner, something feels incomplete when you don’t have dessert. More often than not desserts take a lot of preparation and ordering from outside is not the healthiest option. So what do you do? Well, make super easy 5 minute desserts with the following recipes and soothe your sweet tooth whenever you want.
Homefills Golden Keshri Sooji
Suji ka halwa is that mouth-watering, super delicious, and everyone’s favourite halwa dish to savour during special occasions and this richly almond and cashew filled halwa is super easy to make as well. Begin with preheating ghee, sugar, and then add Homefills Golden Keshri sooji to it. Mix and cook it well together so that there are no lumps while you keep stirring the halwa in the kadai. Now slowly add water along with cashew nuts and almonds until it is cooked.
Cinnamon Roll Mug Cake
Some days, we crave desserts like cakes and pastries but don’t want to go through so much trouble to make them. We have a super quick recipe for Cinnamon Roll Mug cake that needs no effort yet is so scrumplicious and yummy. All you need is Homefills ground Cinnamon, melted butter, baking powder, milk and sugar. Mix all the dry ingredients together and then add milk to it. You want the batter to stay thick, but not dry. Whisk it all together, and microwave it for about 1 minute and 25 seconds. It is super light, fluffy, delicate, and warm. Your delectable and delicious cinnamon mug cake is ready to hog on!
Sattu ke Ladoo
If you are someone who has a sweet tooth but is a healthy junkie at the same time, this desi dessert recipe is just for you! These healthy Sattu ke Ladoos need just 4 ingredients and just about 5 minutes of your time. It can be incorporated in your daily diet because of its high protein and nutritional value. Take Homefills Sattu mix, along with sugar, cardamom, and ghee. Take a pan and heat it with 1 tsp ghee, roasted cashew nuts, and almonds. Add sattu mixture and cook for 2–3 mins stirring continuously to avoid lumps. Add powdered sugar and Homefills Cardamom powder and mix it well. Make small balls and we are done with some super tasty Sattu ke Ladoo!
This sweet dish absolutely does justice to its name. Shrikhand is made with greek yoghurt, saffron threads, cardamom, and nuts. A bowl of Shrikhand is all you need when craving for something sweet at night! Take saffron, cardamom powder, and elaichi from Homefills for this dish. Mix the yogurt smooth and soak saffron strings in water. Add sugar, cardamoms and nuts that you like to your yogurt. Stir it all in saffron water and store it for sometime. Serve it cool after an elaborate dinner to bring that smile of content while you savor the taste of Shrikhand.
Simple Custard
The easiest of all the desserts has to be nothing but the creamy, thick, and tasty custard. This dish makes for comfort food if you have sweet cravings any time of the day. Boil milk with whisked eggs, sugar, butter, and vanilla extract until it is simmering. In a separate bowl, mix custard powder with some warm milk to make a thick paste. Now add the paste to the milk and let it cool. Once the mixture is thick, add your favorite fruits and a spoon of flax seeds for a healthy mix.

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